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Want them all?

Our ZODIAC LOVERS SET includes ALL of our best selling zodiac fragrance rollers. The perfect set for the fragrance addicted. 

Set includes:

All (12) zodiac fragrance rollers each boxed separately in our signature black on black box.

ARIES: aventurine infused (strength | prosperity | love) SCENT PROFILE: freesia, lavender, and citrus 

TAURUS: tiger’s eye infused (fearlessness | protection | inner strength) SCENT PROFILE: jasmine, black cedar, leather, and amber 

GEMINI: lapiz lazuli infused (truth | honesty | compassion) SCENT PROFILE: juniper berry, lavender, sandalwood, and amber 

CANCER: red jasper infused (courage | balance | passion) SCENT PROFILE: citrus, peony, vanilla, and amber 

LEO: clear quartz infused (clarity | focus | spiritual growth) SCENT PROFILE: jasmine, orange blossom, and musk 

VIRGO: red jasper infused (passion | spiritual protection | stability) SCENT PROFILE: almond, vanilla, and heliotrope 

LIBRA: amethyst infused (mood balancing | dispel negativity) SCENT PROFILE: bergamot, lily of the valley, vetiver, and vanilla 

SCORPIO: obsidian infused (release negativity | protect energy) SCENT PROFILE: water lily, chocolate, and amber 

SAGITTARIUS: rose quartz infused (love | comfort | inner healing) SCENT PROFILE: jasmine, saffron, sage, and cedar wood 

CAPRICORN: fluorite infused (mental clarity | peace | transformation) SCENT PROFILE: lily, jasmine, rose, and musk 

AQUARIUS: sodalite infused (emotional balance | self-acceptance) SCENT PROFILE: violet water, ylang ylang, and cherry 

PISCES: rose quartz infused (inner healing | self-love | open heart) SCENT PROFILE: tuberose, bergamot, almond, and coconut