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the BFF set
the BFF set
the BFF set
the BFF set

the BFF set

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the πŸ…‘πŸ…•πŸ…• setΒ 

Introducing our very first HMC set of 2 (5 oz) candles. Each intoxicatingly good and different from one another; yet together they make one killer combination (just like you and your BFF). Grab a set and gift the 2nd candle to your other half.

BF #1: fragranced with basil, bergamot and neroli for the spicy half of the pair.

BF #2: a lush and sweet fragrance combination of amber, vanilla and rose water.

Both infused with a rose quartz friendship heart to keep with you.

πŸ…žπŸ…πŸ…” πŸ…•πŸ…žπŸ…‘ πŸ…œπŸ…” + πŸ…žπŸ…πŸ…” πŸ…•πŸ…žπŸ…‘ πŸ…¨πŸ…žπŸ…€

All of our hand poured candles are clean burning and made with 100% natural soy and coconut wax.Β 

  • (2) 5 oz crystal candlesΒ 
  • 25 HR Burn Time

βž•Keep your crystal inside of your candle as it burns, the energy of the stone will radiate around you.Β 

βž•After your candle has burned through, remove the crystal to keep with you or place in your space ofΒ meditation.

βž•To maximize scent throw - we recommend burning your candle for a minimum of 2 hours for the first burn and an hour or more for every other burn. This will also help the candle to burn evenly.Β