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Phone Charm
Phone Charm
Phone Charm

Phone Charm

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Kicking it Y2K style with our new phone charm collab with Aura Sugar Co. 🦋👼😋

Attach this to your phone case (through the charging hole), loop it around your wrist and go! Perfect for busy girls on the go … and the perfect gift for that person who is always attached to their phone, now they can be… literally. 

Adorned with pearl and brightly colored beads, you’ll want to flash this funky baby all day. #phonecandy

  • Hand beaded with charms in various shapes and colors, each perfectly unique.
  • Measures approx. 6” to fit most
  • Thread the black string through volume on/off  hole on the side of your phone case and loop beads through to form a knot.
  • WARNING -  Small beads -  Not suitable for children under 4 years.