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PENNY MOON with Pink Opal
PENNY MOON with Pink Opal

PENNY MOON with Pink Opal

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Inspired by our sweet baby girl, a fragrance and essential oil blend of lavender honey and marshmallow is the perfect soft aroma for your little one’s nursery or bedroom.

Infused with gentle Pink Opal for calming and soothing, by bringing love, tranquility, and peaceful energy into the aura. Pink opal also helps to encourage compassion, release fear, and promotes good sleep and sweet dreams. 

Our crystal infused reed diffusers were designed for our moon lovers who want a flame-less way to enjoy our scents. A sophisticated diffuser perfect for pet lovers/ households with children and anyone who wants to fill their home with HALF|MOON fragrance for up to three months. 

6 oz | glass bottle | reeds included | lasts 3+ months

  • Cruelty free ALWAYS
  •  Recyclable and sustainable packaging
  •  VOC and DPG free 
  •  natural ingredients


Remove protective stopper and simply place reed sticks into diffuser bottle once, then immediately flip them upside down so the saturated ends are in the air. Fan out and enjoy! As the oil saturates the sticks by traveling up the reed, it will release aroma into the air. We do recommend flipping reeds once a week to maximize scent throw. 

➕Keep your crystals inside of the diffuser as you use, so the oil remains infused with the energy properties of the stones.

➕Once your diffuser is empty, either refill with HALF|MOON refill oil or remove crystals to keep with you or place in your space of meditation.